• Alexander Smith

Who likes Nebbiolo?

I do!

Which is your favourite?

Actually, I love Nebbiolo, I don't know why. Maybe it is the great acidity, the cherry, rose, tar, leather. It is full-bodied with the delicateness as a Pinot Noir! It is versatile with food and is great in the summer a little chilled. What is there not to love?

Nebbiolo is grown across the world and has taken on different styles. It is grown in Australia, California and even Mexico. But it's home is in Italy and mainly Piemonte. However, even within Italy there are different styles, from the fresh style in Valle d'Aosta, the fruity version in Gattinara, the more approachable version in Barbaresco, and the Nebbiolo that you need to wait 15-20 years to drink in Barolo.

Some producers, however, are changing the style of Barolo and producing Nebbiolo's which can be enjoyed upon release....yes! I enjoy waiting 5 years for that wine to be perfect, however, I am a little impatient and so after 15-20 years, if it is not stored perfectly you will be disappointed. I know I would be!

Is it difficult to grow! Flowers early, ripens late into October, this grape is a nightmare. Thin skins, delicate, sounds like Pinot Noir grapes? Yes, but when everything comes together this wine is phenomenal!

How about food? Well, It is very versatile. From Spicy food, ragu, steak, chicken. This can handle creamy and rich dishes as well. The locals drink this with dishes which includes truffles which is the local favorite.

Now I have convinced you to try Nebbiolo, you probably want a solid suggestion. Well my go to Nebbiolo is from Produttori del Barbaresco. This is a CO-OP which works with local growers and produces a very high-quality Nebbiolo. Notes of cherry, violet, spice and high acidity will fill your palate.

An entry level Nebbiolo is produced around $25: Produttori del Barbaresco Langhe

A higher level Nebbiolo around $40: Produttori del Barbaresco DOCG

Who else likes Nebbiolo?

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