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The worst wines tasted in 2020!

So in 2020, I tasted some absolutely fantastic wines, and even if I tasted less than I do normally, I was still able to get through enough to narrow down my top 5 wines of 2020! Post to coming in the following weeks.

However before I launch into my Top 5 wines, I would like to present a few wines which fell significantly short of being anything special. The reason I am presenting these wines is because wine critics are scared of putting down wines and wineries, especially since most of these belong to a larger wine group. Not me :) These wines are either made in a large quantity and lack personality, or there are technical faults which I can't see past. Not all of these wines are $15, some are a lot more and hence I recommend avoiding them like the plague. I would like to see more wine writers calling out these wineries. So here are 5 wines that came out as the worst wines tasted in 2020.

1) Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 - 80 points

This is just horrible. Very ripe, on the border of Jamy notes of dark plums, cherries, blackcurrants with some vanilla, smoke and licorice, this is full and fat at first yet the mid-palate falls completely flat. Finish is not existing. Like drinking jam.

2) Chateau Ste. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon Indian Wells - 80 points

This is like drinking highly extracted blackcurrant jam, no balance or satisfaction. Very little right, falls apart and is just unpleasant.

3) Azienda Agricola Prà Morandina 2019 - 85 points

This is very light on the palate with cherries, plums, low tannins and a bright finish. This is a very simple wine with nothing technically wrong, yet nothing worth writing about. very weak, this used to be better.

4) Paco y Lola Albariño Rías Baixas 2019 - 86 points

Produced from a CO-OP of 400 member located in the Val Do Salnes region, this has a distinctively lighter palate of fresh lime zest, grapefruit and slice of nectarine. Very nimble and refreshing, I felt this lacked true personality and I just kept going back hoping to get a little more, but no. The finish was quite short, like drinking expensive water.

5) Château Siran 2017 - 86 points

This felt very unbalanced and certain not up to the Siran name. disappointing, lacked true Margaux personality. Quite savoury, everything tasted out of place no real direction or purpose, like a bad firework display.

That is my list, however did you drink any wines in 2020 which should make this list? Let me know...

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