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The No.1 wine in Australia 2019

Just over a month ago, I returned from Sydney, Australia. I spent close to 2 weeks travelling from Adelaide to Sydney in search of the best wines in Australia. See here for a full report.

I wanted to include some additional thoughts on this trip. I came away from Sydney, with a new perspective of Australian wine. There is not a better time to start drinking Australian wine than now. Australia produces some of the most varied, unique and exciting wines I have tried anywhere in the world. They are not trying to replicate another country, they are creating their own unique style. Australia does not want to be Rhone, Burgundy or Bordeaux, they want to be, and produce great and real Australian wine. So before we go to the best wine tried in Australia, let us review the variety within Australia.

Within 40 years, Australia has gone from a country famous for Fortified and sweet wines to fresh, elegant and robust dry white and red wines. The improvement in Australian wine, over the past 40 years has been exponential. Each region I visited produced a different and unique style of wine.

When thinking back to Eden Valley, I tried wonderful Shiraz and Cabernet blends, along with bone dry Rieslings. These wines took advantage of the terroir and more specifically, the altitude, to produce wines with great acidity and elegance. The Rieslings were truly unique with their high acidity, grapefruit, concentrated lime juice, and wonderful minerality. Dare I say, my new favorite Rieslings? Henschke and Penfolds produce some of the regions best showings.

I then changed gears and headed to Barossa, where I experienced some very serious and powerful wines. This is Shiraz and Grenache land, they own it. Like the wild west, these grape rule, and when you think of big and powerful Australian wines, Barossa is the No.1 region you think of. Torbreck is the winery which best displays the wonderful terroir of Barossa.

Coonawarra was next, this is all about the soil. How can you visit Australia, and not visit this beautiful wine region, and just spend hours looking and admiring the Terra Rossa soil? The Cabernet and Shiraz produced here are both elegant, refined yet with persistence. Both Parker and Wynn's are producing world-class wines in this region.

On to Melbourne and being surrounded by at least 3 different regions: Geelong, Macedon, and Yarra. Chardonnay and Pinot is king and queen here, yet the differences between the different regions are outstanding. Not due just to altitude, but winemaking preferences as well. I was astonished. Bindi and By Farr are producing outstanding Chardonnay and Pinots, I hope Burgundy are worried, they should be!

Points on Wine No.1 Australian wine 2019: Wynns Michael Shiraz 2013 - 97 points

Australia is full of some amazing wines and please read my full report to see the other wines which came out on top. Drum roll........The No.1 wine that Points on Wine selected in Australia in 2019 goes to........ Wynns Michael Shiraz 2013. This wine came from the Terra Rossa soils of Coonawarra, aged in both new and used French oak for 15 months (20% new). This wine scored an impressive 97 points and I noted the following upon trying it: This is just pure class, bright red and black fruits, strawberries, blackberries and cherries with a follow-through of soft cacao, light spice and velvety silky tannins with a pure and elegant length which lasts and lasts forever. 100% Shiraz, aged in new and seasoned French oak for 15 months. Wow!

Drink Australian wine now! Hope you guys enjoyed the report!

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