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Riedel Performance Champagne Glass Review

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Who does not like Champagne? I know I do, but the challenge is always knowing whether it is worth spending the extra money on a specific Champagne glass or not. I recently reviewed four classic Champagne wine glasses and the Riedel Performance Champagne Wine Glasses came out in first place.

This certainly does not look like your classic Champagne flute, neither your vintage Gatsby Champagne glass, but don't let this put you off though. These Champagne wine glasses have been optimized to ensure the best expression of Champagne is achieved, ensuring a perfect balance between fruit, mousse (bubbles), mid-palate density of the wine and length.

When I reviewed the Riedel Performance Champagne Glass comparing to other Champagne wine glasses on the market, I noticed a few important differences:

1) The aromas were more expressive; you were really able to identify each aroma wafting from the glass such as the ripe orchard, Asian pear, citrus peel, vanilla, pastry and toast notes. Each element of the wine really stood out.

2) The palate showed increased complexity - This surprised me somewhat. I was expecting a difference in the aromas between the different Champagne wine glasses, however, the Riedel Performance Champagne Wine Glasses really opened up on the palate, as if the wine had been slightly decanted in the glass. There was a deeper fruit definition, mousse focus and better overall balance. If I was rating a Champagne, this glass increased the final score by 1-2 points.

When reviewing Champagne wine glasses, I often find myself either finding the bubbles too aggressive which covers the fruit component of the wine, or the bubbles are so delicate that it seems more like an unbalanced still wine. This Champagne glass, as can be seen by the image above, allows the wine to open up just enough to dissipate those potentially more aggressive bubbles. This leaves the wonderful primary and secondary flavours and textures, both on the nose as well as the palate. Finally, Champagne glasses are known to be fragile, yet the Riedel Performance Champagne Wine Glasses are sturdy and are even dishwasher safe, so don't be worried about easily breaking them!

Even though these glasses were designed for Champagne, they can certainly be used for other sparkling wines, including Cava, Prosecco, and Franciacorta.

Finally cost, at around $56 USD ($68 CAD) for two, these are certainly some of the more expensive Champagne wine glasses on the market. However for the increased pleasure in terms of aromas, taste, and textures of Champagne, it is certainly worth the price.

Get your Riedel Performance Champagne Wine Glasses on Amazon here

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