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Riedel Extreme Cabernet Wine Glass Review

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

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I am often asked which wine glasses I own. I love my wine glasses, and I tend to have too many based on the specific style of wine I am enjoying. When I drink Californian Cabernet these Riedel Extreme Cabernet Glasses are my go-to choice. There are no wine glasses better in the industry.

These glasses are just perfect for young Napa Cabernets, since they smooth out those sometimes harsh young tannins, as well as reducing the impact of the slightly higher alcohol. Finally, these glasses really help to open up the gorgeous fruit on these younger wines, both through aromas and taste.

These wine glasses are larger and slightly heavier than normal wine glasses, yet don't let that put you off. The attention to detail ensures you will appreciate every sip of that young Cabernet compared to using any other wine glass on the market. For those who hate to wash wine glasses by hand, no worries, these are dishwasher proof!

Full-bodied red wines often need a lot of air to breathe, and I have found you don't often just need a good decanter, but a glass that will allow the wine to continuously evolve and breathe during the course of your tasting/meal. Wine is alive and so the moment you finish decanting your wine, it will stay still and not evolve if you don't have the correct wine glass. This is especially important for younger more than older wines.

Even though these Riedel Extreme Cabernet Glasses are perfect for younger Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, I also use them for other full bodied red wines including young Merlots, Shiraz, and even Southern Rhone or big Spanish reds.

Finally cost, at around $35 USD ($45 CAD) for two, these are probably some of the best value wine glasses on the market.

Get your Riedel Extreme Cabernet Wine Glasses on Amazon here

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