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The next few months on Points on Wine..Natural wines, Bordeaux 2019 En-primeur recap and celebrities

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

So most of you have seen I have been quite quiet in the last few weeks, this is of course not intentionally. I have been studying for my Master of Bourgogne along with preparing my 2021 trips (hopefully!). It looks like I will have an action packed 2021 with a 2 month trip to Australia, along with a trip to Burgundy and Italy. It looks like California will take a year off and I will return in early 2022.

I have been confined for over 3 months, and this has given me time to reflect, in terms of where we take Points on Wine in the coming months and the year ahead. I have enjoyed providing you guys ideas in terms of value wines and I hope to have another couple of recommendations in the coming weeks. I am on the look out for a great value rosé along with a red which will be a star on the BBQ, stay tuned!

One of the 2017 stars, however did the critics rate this wine well in 2019?

I will be having a separate post on Bordeaux 2019 en-primeur, and even if I have not been able to taste the wines due to the rules of Quebec, I will communicate what I will be buying and what deals I believe there are in the market place. This will be based on the release prices and my knowledge of the different wineries. I have just tasted a 2016 Bordeaux which I believe to be the best bang for your buck wine I have ever tasted from the region, and their 2019 is meant to be event better!

Another topic which I will be hitting on, is the growing trend of celebrities who have gone into the wine industry, is this good or bad for our industry? I will be sharing my thoughts along with tasting the latest release from a certain Sarah Jessica Parker. This will not be a paid post and expect my full honest review. Here is a short video where she gives her 'professional' opinion:

My initial impression is that she has chosen the final wine based on her taste , however probably has very little understanding about how the wine was made or any textures of the final blend, just what she likes. This is my impressions based on this single video and different interviews I have read. I could be wrong....hopefully the wine is at least drinkable. To be continued...

I will also be diving into the world of natural wine. I have long been a critic of the natural wine movement, this is mainly since it is not very well defined and most wines which are defined 'natural' are not. I will be explaining the real definition along with tasting a range of natural wines available in the Quebec market. I do not have a good feeling going into this tasting, yet my eyes will remain open.

When I think of natural wine :)

The coming months will be quite exciting, and as always I will try to publish 1-2 posts per week. I hope you are all staying healthy during this difficult time and any questions just fire me off an email: alex@pointsonwine.com

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