• Alexander Smith

Australian Fires - How can you help?

The crisis in Australia at the moment is heartbreaking, there is a lot of sadness as both human and animal lives are at risk, then we get to the vineyards with reports coming in that 1/3 of Adelaide Hills has been wiped out. Most of Australia is affected and having spent a month in Australia last year, I stand with Australia and know that if anyone can come through this it is them. These Aussies are tough and they will stick together and come out of this stronger as a nation.

However with that in mind, how can you help? There have been many charities setup and donation channels going strong. I have a couple of other suggestions.

1) Buy Australian Wine! This is an easy way to support the Australian wine industry. Need suggestions? Check out my report on Australian Wines this year

2) Gus Gluck's Wine Auction - There is a great auction starting 10th January at 8am GST including bottles of old Moss Wood, Hill of Grace and Penfold wines up for grab. I know what I will be biding on!


Let's help Australia and support them through this difficult time.

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