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And so it begins...

Why wine? Easy....Wine brings the most fascinating people in the world together. Friends, family, colleagues, strangers. The world of wine is full of highly passionate, motivated and caring individuals. I am one of them, my name is Alexander Smith and welcome to my journey.

Great Bordeaux icons, Stephan Von Neipperg (left) and Xavier Planty (right)

Whether you like a glass on a Friday night, celebrating with friends, Sunday lunch or just trying to understand if the wine tastes or oregano or thyme (that would be me!), just enjoy it! They are many friends, colleagues, strangers and even wine critics who will tell you, how you must like this wine, and if you don't then there is something wrong with you. Well, ignore them, If you don't like a certain wine that's fine. The most important opinion on wine is yours. If you like it great! If not that's fine as well. Trust your smell, palate, and taste and help others guide you, and not dictate.

You are the best wine critic in the world for your palate and no one else.

As for me, well start talking to me about wine and you might just lose a few hours. So enough about what I am about, and what I plan with Pointsonwine.com. Points on Wine is to be the main resource for my voyage through the world of wine, you can expect to see

  • Tasting reports and ratings at wineries across the world and from my home

  • Food and wine pairings, because wine is best enjoyed with food.

  • Independent opinions on the world of wine

  • In-depth evaluation of different regions and what the best value and prestigious wines are from each region

  • Learn about regions, grapes and where to go when visiting the most famous wine regions in the world

Have a question on wine? My readers will drive the content of my site. Let me know what you want me to write about.

What you will not see here

  • Paid reviews on wine

  • Reviews of wine which costs $$$

  • Have to pay a subscription for my material

The last point is important. I do not want to charge for my material. I will set up a contribution page and will leave it at that. This is a passion and for now, there will be no need to charge a subscription (like other wine critics do!). I hope this will never change.

Any questions? Just let me know, cheers :)

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