Why is Points on Wine free to read?


Points on Wine is a free Wine Journal. I do not offer any subscription services or do I have advertisements throughout the site. All of my reviews and reports along with trips around the world are not paid for by any wineries and all of my opinions are of my own. I do my best to cover all major wine regions by visiting the 4 corners of the globe. So one question I get asked more than not is how do I fund these travels if I have neither a subscription service or advertisements across the site? One of these ways is: Coil

For those signed up with a company called Coil, as you read any part of this Wine Journal, micro-transactions are being made to me through a digital asset called XRP. The subscription is $5/month and the aim of Coil is to monetize websites across the world, in a new way that allows the removal of 'random advertisements' and 'high paying subscriptions'. Imagine a world where you would only need to pay one subscription to browse your favourite subscription sites? Today all of the high profile Wine Journal and News sites require a premium subscription, this, of course, allows them to improve the quality of the product offered. However with Coil, in theory, only one subscription would be needed to browse all of these sites. We might be a few years away from this being implemented on a global basis, however, for creators like me, it is just one line of code and takes all of 5 minutes to implement. 

So, in other words, cents are being sent to me every second when a Coil subscriber is browsing www.pointsonwine.com.  I am not being paid in dollars but in XRP. For those not familiar with XRP, this is a digital asset similar to Bitcoin. Yet unlike Bitcoin which requires a 3rd party to confirm transactions and has high transaction costs, XRP takes seconds to confirm, requires no 3rd party and a transaction is more or less free. This makes it perfect to transfer funds across the world in seconds, along with micro-payments on websites (like mine!). I receive XRP, then convert it to my local currency, and use these funds to further fund my travels and bring you the best content I can. Along with micro-payments, I have also incorporated a 'tip' function at the end of every page. So if you like what you read, then you are free to 'tip me'. 

How to implement Coil on a website?

  1. Signup to Coil. There is no fee for creators, however I have no issue paying their $5/month fee, so I can support other creators

  2. You need to be able to accept these micro-payments. Head over to XRP Tipbot to set up an account

  3. Once you have signed up to Coil, go to Settings, and Creator Settings or just click here.

  4. You will see something like this:

​    5. Copy your <meta> tag into the <head> section of your site and boom! You are done. Now just watch the micro-transactions arrive

    6. Any questions let me know and I will either help you, or direct you to the right person who can help you alex@pointsonwine.com 

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