Alexander Smith

Born in a small village in England, I went to university in London before spending a year abroad in Bordeaux, France. I studied engineering, however frequently ventured out to the vineyards, in Bordeaux, not London ;). Bordeaux taught me two important lessons; the love of wine and how 99 cents Beaujolais nouveau tastes. The second taste better than you think! 


Bordeaux was just the start. I moved to Montreal to be with my wife in 2010, we traveled across the globe, visiting new cultures and wine regions. Speaking to producers and understanding the love they had for their trade. I was hooked. We visited New Zealand, Australia, Germany, California, Chile, Austria, the lists continue. The more I learned, tasted, read, visited and tasted (oops said that twice), The more I saw where I was meant to be. I wanted to find a way to recognize these producers and guide friends and family who shared my love for wine.

Alexander Smith- Points on Wine Founder
Alexander Smith- Points on Wine Founder
Alexander Smith- Points on Wine Founder

This website is a dedication to my journey of finding the best wines in the world. From $20 - $200 I will find, taste, review, and rate. I will speak to producers, wine professionals and bring you the latest news as I see it. I hope you enjoy our journey. I say our journey since this site is not just about me, but my readers. Any questions, complaints, problems whatever it might be just let me know. I want this to make this site for my readers and not just for me.  


Any questions? Just send me an email :)